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MINI-MAX Industrial Pentium Node Computer

MINI-MAX Industrial Pentium Node Computer

Mini-Max industrial Pentium computer chassis has been designed specifically for high reliability, mission critical node applications. This computer chassis has been optimized for good air flow to remove heat envelopes from the components on the single board computer and client's installed option cards.

The overall reliability of the Mini-Max computer is >50,000 hrs. Only proven components have been used to assure failure free operation in the field. Each component is subject to revision level tracking, quality improvements and minute analysis of each failure report. A strict log is maintained to detect any possible pattern of field failures over long periods of time. This is helpful for early advisement of anticipated problems and preventive maintenance to increase up-time of industrial networked computers. Each SBC includes AGP SVGA adapter, UW-SCSI, IDE and FD controllers, serial and parallel ports, USB port and 10/100 Mbs ethernet port.

Internal cooling of the computer chassis has been optimized with push-pull air flow with two ball bearing fans: 62 CFM fan to push and 43 CFM fan in the power supply to pull the air out of the chassis. This push pull approach provides pressurized air flow in the computer chassis and is forceful in removing hot air envelopes from around the PC cards and disk drives.

The Mini-Max IPC can be supplied with Intel's Celeron, Pentium III, P4 and Xeon based single board computers.

Summary of Features:

Great choice of possible MINI-MAX configurations:

Dimensions: 7" high. 10" wide, 16" long. Optional anti-vibration mounts add 1" to the height. Weight 18 lbs.

Shipping carton: 13" high, 17.5" wide, 23.75" long, shipping weight 22 lbs. Brown 300 lbs carton with high density shock proof foam inserts.

Download the Mini-Max Specifications

Download the Mini-Max Mechanical Dimensional Drawing

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