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TR-YODA Fanless and Sealed Panel Mount Computer

TR-YODA Industrial Fanless Computer

TR-YODA is our new fanless computer destined for industrial applications. Standard model comes with i5-5250U 1.6GHz 2-Core, 4 Threads Intel processor at 1.6GHz/2.7GHz Turbo frequency. Optional are Intel i3 and i7 processors at various clock frequencies.

The TR-YODA is intended as reliable tool for the factory floor. As any fan-less computers it needs to be installed in location with plenty of fresh air supply. Best in the vertical position to benefit from the convection air flow. Power consumption is only 15W (17W with high speed i7 processor). Proper air flow increases reliability of fanless computers.

TR-YODA fanless computers come with standard universal AC external 12VDC power adapter. Power consumption is 3.0A max. at 12VDC. DC power options are optional for 12, 24, 48, 125, 250V.

Wireless option with dual antennas can be added at any time.

As a default TR-YODA computers come with fast mSATA flash drives. We also offer optional high temperature SATA flash drives with POWERGUARD to prevent corruption of files during sudden power loss.

TR-YODA computers have dual display feature where two separate monitors can be used on VGA and HD ports.

Intel Graphics 6000 that comes with i5-5250U processor offers amazing 4K video and game performance.

Overall the TR-YODA fanless computers offer excellent performance at reasonable price. Warranty is 3 years with lifetime technical support.

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Download TR-YODA Specificationsdownload TR-YODA specifications

Download TR-YODA Mechanical Drawingsdownload TR-YODA drawings

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