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TR-800-67W Small Industrial Computer with Powerful 8th Generation i7 Processor - 3 Year Warranty

TR-800 Highly Reliable Small Rugged Industrial Computer

Model TR-800-67W has been designed to provide many years of trouble-free operation. It can be used as panel mount with brackets or as a desktop with rubber feet.

Powered by the powerful Intel Core i7-8850H mobile processor, this small computer has been designed for industrial applications that require high processing power. Highly reliable internal power supply has fused 12VDC/3A connection that is available for external monitor or any additional equipment. Power options include universal AC, 24VDC, 48VDC, 110VDC, 125VDC and 250VDC.

Operating range of temperature is 0 to 60°C. Cooling is provided by two ball bearing fans that operate at low speed and recirculate air in the enclosed metal cabinets. Physical dimensions are 9.6"(W) x 7.375"(D) x 3.9"(H). Weight is 8.15 lbs.

TR-800-67W computer has optional PCIe expansion slot that accepts 3/4" length low rise option card. Expansion possibilites include additional USB or ethernet ports, fiber adapter, serial ports including RS422/485, parallel port, advanced graphic card, 4 monitors graphic card, video input card, analog and digital I/O card and wireless adapters. Call us for more options.

High speed 6-core, 12-threads processing power makes this computer useful for high resolution signage, radar and sonar applications.. Warranty is 3 years.

This computer is compatible with Windows 10.

TR-800-67W computer is readily available from stock. Price starts at US $1200 for a basic configuration.

Download TR-800-67W Specificationsdownload TR-597 specifications

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