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Transduction has a modern CAD-CAM based sheet metal production facility for fabrication of precision metal chassis for computers, telecom and electronics. In addition to our standard products we process many custom orders for special enclosures including custom-made metal cabinets and any sheet metal parts.

In addition to sheet metal fabrication robots we also have CNC facilities for fabrication of high precision metal parts used in aerospace and automotive industries.

Many clients send their AUTOCAD files or any .dxf files for rapid quotes. We also develop prototypes from conceptual sketches or paper drawings.

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The benefits of CAD-CAM based fabrication are the ease of prototype development (instant from AUTOCAD files), flexibility of product lines, lower cost of inventory of metal parts, just in time delivery, lower production costs and consistent, dependable quality of the CAD-CAM and CNC machines.

In addition we provide complete RoHS compliant finishing service, including clear and yellow zinc plating, anodizing, alodining and baked powder paint finishes and silk screening.

We can manufacture computer and electronics enclosures for compliance with Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) FCC and CE standards and all required electrical UL, CSA, TUV safety approvals.

Call us at 800-268-0427 ext. 12, 9AM to 6PM EST for a quick response to your project or email us.

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