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TR-MAXIM-JF Server Class Industrial Panel Mount/Desktop Computer

TR-MAXIM-JF Server Class Industrial Panel Mount/Desktop Computer

TR-MAXIM-JF is a reliable panel mount/desktop industrial computer powered by Intel JASPER FOREST dual or quad core Xeon processors. This computer offers great improvement in high performance and cost in comparison to older technologies.

TR-MAXIM-JF offers server class power in a small box. This computer comes with telecom quality microATX motherboard with sockets for 2 x Intel JASPER FOREST Xeon processors and sockets for up to 48GB of parity memory with ECC. Expansion slots included 2 x PCIe and 1 x PCI slots.

This computer provides front accessible dual hot swap canisters and SLIM CD/DVD-R/W. Two additional 2.5" drives can be installed on the internal bracket.

Adaptive air fan temperature controller and high quality front filter protect the fine internal heat sink fins from clogging up with dust and maintain optimal air flow inside the computer.

The computer is powered by a reliable dual hot swap 550W power supply which provides redundant power.

MTBF of the TR-MAXIM-JF is in excess of 100,000 hours. Warranty is 5 years with technical support for life. This is a high longevity product. Please contact our Transduction sales team for more information.

TR-MAXIM-JF Specifications

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