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Active & Passive Backplanes

Transduction provides Active & Passive Backplanes For 10-Slot Industrial Computer Chassis

10-slot Passive Backplane


10-slot (1 PCIe x16, 4 PCIe x4, 4 PCI) Passive Backplane

10-slot Passive Backplane


10-slot (4 PCI, 5 ISA) Passive Backplane

8-slot Passive Backplane


8-slot ISA Passive Backplane

8-slot Passive Backplane


8-slot (5 ISA, 3 PCI) Passive Backplane

8-slot Passive Backplane


8-slot (4 ISA, 4 PCI) Passive Backplane

8-slot Active Backplane


8-slot (7 PCI, 1 CPU) Active Backplane

Note: In addition to backplanes listed here, Transduction also has many special OEM designs readily available off the shelf. Please contact our Sales Department for details.

Backplanes for 2U Chassis

Backplanes for 14-Slot Chassis

Backplanes for 20-Slot Chassis

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