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Active & Passive Backplanes

Butterfly Backplanes For 2U Industrial Computer Chassis

Butterfly Backplane with 3x16 PCI Express Slots

TR-8219 PICMG 1.3 Butterfly Backplane

3 x16 PCI Express Slots and 1 x4 PCI Express Slot.

Butterfly Backplane with 4 PCI-X Slots and 1x4 PCI Express Slot

TR-8087 PICMG 1.3 Butterfly Backplane

4 PCI-X Slots and 1 x4 PCI Express Slot.

Butterfly Backplane with 1x16 PCI Express Slot

TR-PE-6SD3 PICMG 1.3 Butterfly Backplane

1 x16 PCI Express Slot, 1 x4 PCI Express Slot and 2 PCI slots.

Butterfly Backplane with 2 PCI Slots and 3 ISA Slots

TR-PCI-6SD-RS PICMG 1.0 Butterfly Backplane

2 PCI Slots and 3 ISA Slots.

Butterfly Backplane with 4 PCI slots

TR-PBP-06V4 PICMG 1.0 Butterfly Backplane

4 PCI Slots.

Note: In addition to backplanes listed here, Transduction also has many special OEM designs readily available off the shelf. Please contact our Sales Department for details.

Backplanes for 10-Slot Chassis

Backplanes for 14-Slot Chassis

Backplanes for 20-Slot Chassis

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