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TR-LCD-24VDC and TR-LCD-48VDC 24VDC and 48VDC Fanless Input Power For TR-LCDxxxx Monitors

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TR-LCD-24/48VDC Specifications


TR-LCD-24VDC and TR-LCD-48VDC are DC adapters for fanless versions of industrial panel and rack mount monitors with 24VDC and 48VDC input power. Pure copper heatsink mounted in air tunnel provides for efficient passive heat exchange with ambient air temperature up to 60C.

High quality regulated DC-DC converters provides for high efficiency of voltage conversion and wide range of input power to 12VDC required by the monitors.

Operating at a fixed 500 kHz switching frequency these converters have low EMIs compliant with FCC Class A.

High efficiency of the DC-DC converter eliminates need for the cooling fan and provide for silent operation of the monitors. It reduces possibility of frequent failures and eliminates need for periodic maintenance.

Highly reliable with MTBF calculated per Bellcore TR-NWT-000332 at 2.1 million hours these power converters can withstand 3 axes vibration of 5G for installation in moving vehicles and marine ships.

24VDC converter has input range of 18 to 36VDC and 48VDC version has input range between 34 and 75VDC.

Refer to data sheet for detailed specifications of these monitors.

Transduction LCD1500 and LCD1900 monitor series can be powered by 12, 24, 48, 125 and 250VDC input power and also 100 to 275VAC.

Warranty is 3 years.  Please contact Transduction for more information.



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