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     October 23, 2014





Transduction introduces the new TR-MANTA 4U rack mount computer that has been designed specifically for fast processing of the video and data. It has been optimized for video edits as video is a fast growing field driven by popularity of hand held smart phones and tablets. It has storage capacity up to 48GB.


TR-MANTA computer can be supplied with Intel i7 quad core processor or dual Xeon processors with four or six cores. Main feature of this computer is the fast access of disk drives and large storage capacity up to 48GB with 8 drives. This has been accomplished with SAS type drives in hot swap canisters and choice of super fast disk controllers. To facilitate fast processing of video, this computer includes high end graphics card. This computer also includes provision for the fast flash drive to speed up boot process and operating system. Hard drives are for data and video. The air flow inside the chassis has been optimized for use of the fast 6 GB/Sec drives, which run hot. Clients who need disk storage capacity but not high speed can use standard less expensive 2.5” or 3.5” SATA hard drives.


Options include choice of Intel processors, memory size, graphics interface, various capacities of the SAS or SATA drives and choice of high performance controllers. Also a dual hot swap power supply.


The basic price of the TR-MANTA computer with Intel i7 3.4 GHz processor and 16GB of dual channel memory and 8 fast 2TB 6GB/s SAS hard drives is US $4500. Delivery is 2 weeks ARO, warranty is 5 years.




Please call 1-800-268-0427 between 09:00 and 18:00 EST for additional information and sales assistance!


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Transduction is an established manufacturer (1975) of reliable industrial rack mount and panel mount computers, LCD monitors, digital video walls and systems for power utilities, process control, military and telecommunications. We offer rapid prototype development and manufacturing services. Production and service records of each computer or system are kept to assure maximum reliability and support. All Transduction products have a warranty of 3 years but they are designed for maximum longevity to minimize cost of service.

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