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TR-LCD1900-ITX-W11 Rack or Panel Mount Industrial Computer With 19" TFT LCD Touch Screen

TR-LCD1900-ITX-W11 Rack or Panel Mount Industrial Computer With 19 TFT LCD Touch Screen TFT LCD Touch Screen

The TR-LCD1900-ITX-W11 is a new version of the reliable TR-LCD1900-ITX-i7/i5 computer with 50% improvement of performance due to the newer chipset. It is compatible with the Windows 10/11 operating systems with full support of the TPM 2.0 security features. However, as the technology has changed this new version is no longer compatible with the older operating systems such as Windows XP or Windows 7. The latter are supported by our legacy products.

Like its predecessors, TR-LCD1900-ITX-W11 computer has been designed for industrial applications that require utmost reliability. Computer board is based on the 4-core Intel Pentium N6415 processor, and it operates in temperature range from 0 ~ 50°C (32 ~ 122°F) and at 60°C (140°F) for 2 hours with 100% software load. Speed of the redundant ball bearing chassis fans is controlled by the computer in proportion to ambient temperature. Only solid capacitors are used on the computer boards that have 6 times longer life span than electrolytic capacitors. Overall, with SSD drives, depending on environment the TR-LCD1900-ITX-W11 computers should provide 10 to 15 years of reliable service.

Intel HD graphics provide for excellent (4K) presentation of fine icons present in the popular HMI/SCADA software such as Wonderware and Genesis.

This computer can be supplied with a 2.5" SATA SSD drive and optional SLIM CD-R/W-DVD drive. Use of the flash drive SSD in place of the hard drive is highly recommended to increase reliability of the system.

Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11 with optional support of TPM2 security features.

The input power is universal 100 to 240AC, 50/60 Hz. Input power options include 12, 24, 48, 125 and 250 VDC. For up to 10 units, delivery time is 1-week ARO. For larger quantities contact our sales department. Warranty is 3 years with technical support for life.

TR-LCD1900-ITX-W11 Specifications

Download TR-LCD1900-ITX-W11 Mechanical Drawings

TR-LCD1900-ITX-W11 Panel Cutout PDF Drawing

TR-LCD1900-ITX-W11 Panel Cutout AUTOCAD 14 .dwg Drawing (Additional AUTOCAD Drawings Available Upon Request)

Download USB Touch Screen Driver for Windows 10, 8, 7, 2K, XP and VISTA

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