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TR-DEFENDER NEMA 12 Rated Thermoelectric Industrial Computer Enclosure

TR-DEFENDER NEMA 12 Rated Thermoelectric Industrial Computer Enclosure

DEFENDER enclosures provide ultimate protection for industrial computers with 15” and 19" LCD's. NEMA 12 rated metal enclosure provides ideal operating conditions for the computer including protection against extremes of temperature, moisture, dust, toxic chemicals like chlorine in water filtration plants. It extends operating life of the industrial computer up to 5 times preventing costly failures. Most of all it protects your valuable process against failure of the critical control components.

DEFENDER enclosure has enough internal space and thermal capacity up to 145W/hr to accommodate internal UPS and mounting panel is included for additional control components such as small PLC or digital and analog “smart” I/O. Total cooling capacity by thermoelectric air conditioner is 500 BTU/hr.

Operating range of temperature is -10°C to +60°C or -40°C to +60°C with option TEX.


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Do not save money on protection of your control equipment - DEFENDER will save you more money in terms of longer reliability and avoidance of the costly downtime and service calls.

Download TR-DEFENDER Specifications

Download TR-DEFENDER Thermal Tests

Download TR-DEFENDER-15 Isometric Drawing

Download TR-DEFENDER-19 Isometric Drawing

Download TR-DEFENDER-USB-KEYBOARD-T Sliding Shelf Drawing

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