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TR-LCD2300W 23" Wide LCD Display Panel , VESA or Door Mount Industrial Monitor

TR-LCD2300W 23" Wide LCD Display Panel or VESA Mount Industrial Monitor

TR-LCD2300W monitor has been designed specifically for the stringent requirements of the reliability and safety in nuclear power plants. The design of this monitor is compliant with US Atomic Energy Commission Class 1E equipment standard that defines characteristics of equipment needed for the monitoring of the nuclear reactor and emergency shutdown procedures.

The monitor uses reliable Samsung LCD panel and sophisticated video controller card. Precision welded aluminum frame has superior mechanical stability over wide range of temperature and is not affected by any vibration or shocks. For safety against intrusion no software BIOS is used, only internal settings of the video chip that are not accessible from the outside. The video controller card has high performance input filter to eliminate problems with low signal to noise ratio on the long cable runs. Furthermore the video controller allows user for "black level" adjustment to eliminate any noise visible on the display. Clarity of the image can be fine tuned with user accessible “sharpness" feature.

The isolated (4300VDC input to output) power supply included with the monitor can be used with AC source 89 to 250VAC 50/60 Hz or 90 to 275VDC that is available from power back-up systems. 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC power options can also be supplied. MTBF of the power supply and monitor is 150,000 hours limited only by the useful life of the LCD backlights.

This monitor fits front door of 24" wide panel mount and rack mount cabinets.


OSD (On-Screen Display) Controls: Allow you to quickly and easily adjust elements of your screen image with simple to use on-screen menus: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish.

Full Scan Capability: Allows you to use the entire screen area.

Plug and Play: This monitor can be installed and any Plug & Play compatible system. Interaction of the monitor and computer will provide the best operating conditions and monitor settings. In most cases, monitor installation will proceed automatically, unless the user wishes to select alternate settings.

Power Saving Mode: Backlight can be turned off to extend useful life of lamps.

Ordering Information:

TR-LCD2300W-PM Panel Mount LCD Version
TR-LCD2300W-VM VESA Mount LCD Version

Download TR-LCD2300W Specificationsdownload TR-LCD2300W industrial monitor specifications PDF

TR-LCD2300W User's Manualdownload TR-LCD2300W user manual PDF

TR-LCD2300W-PM Panel Cutout PDF Drawingdownload TR-LCD2300W panel cutout PDF drawings

TR-LCD2300W-PM Panel Cutout AUTOCAD 14.dwg Drawing

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