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Reliable Industrial Flash Drives with SUPERCAP and SMART Features

Reliable Industrial Flash Drives with SUPERCAP and SMART Features

Industrial MLC and SLC flash SATA disk drives offer reliable performance over wide range of temperature and have ability to withstand large shocks and vibration.

Designed for the utmost reliability these drives include SUPERCAP feature which is the bank of extra capacitors with a charge to allow the drive to finish write operation in case of a sudden burn-out or a power failure.

These drives also have S.M.A.R.T feature that allows users to see all vital parameters related to the history of the drive: power-on hours, write sector counts, read sector counts and ALL errors. Also, most important: health status of the drive in terms of usable flash memory, which deteriorates with the number of write operations over time. By monitoring the health status you can predict remaining life of the drive.

Capacity: MLC: 8GB ~ 512GB, SLC: 2GB ~ 256GB, Info: complies with SATA-II Revision 2.6 & ATA-8 specs.

Complies with JEDEC specifications (industrial standard 2.5 inch)

SUPERCAP, S.M.A.R.T and TRIM support

SATA 1.5Gbps and 3Gbps interface

ECC: Up to 16 bits/528bytes

Support of ATA-8, PIO (0 - 4), MW-DMA (0 - 2), UDMA (0 - 5) transmission mode

Support of dynamic and active wear-leveling

Warranty: SLC @ 5 years, MLC @ 3 years

High performance, high stability, shock & vibration and impact resistance

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