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Single Board Computers

Intel Pentium P54C, Socket 7 Industrial Single Board PICMG 1.0 Type Computer

 TR-935 Full-Size Industrial Single Board Computer With Intel P54C 133MHz For Intel Socket 7

TR-935 single board computer is a replacement of our popular legacy TR-950 SBC that has become EOL.

TR-935 single board computer comes with Intel Pentium P54C, 133MHz processor and is compatible with all PICMG type PCI-ISA passive backplanes.

TR-840 compatible with older operating systems, including DOS, Windows 3.1, OS/2, Windows 95, UNIX and QNX. This SBC is compatible with ISA legacy cards that need bus-master control.

It is based on the Via Apollo Master chipset, which will support industrial ISA legacy cards. Later chipsets do not support bus-master control needed by many of the older ISA cards.

It comes with 2 x serial (COM) ports, 1 x LPT (parallel) port, 1 x LAN port and 1 x VGA port.

Actual MTBF of the TR-935 SBC, based on our service records is in excess of 100,000 hours. The warranty is 1 year.

The TR-935 SBC can be supplied with any of our rack or panel mount chassis and PCI/ISA backplanes that you need. When supplied as part of the complete computer system from Transduction, the warranty is 3 years.

Download TR-935 Specifications

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