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TR-12VDC-XXX Series High MTBF Rack Mount Power Supplies

TR-12VDC-XXX Series High MTBF Rack Mount Power Supplies

Many rack mount items like computers, monitors, KVM switches and other computer components can be powered from external 12VDC power. Elimination of the internal power supply improves reliability with reduction of the internal heat dissipation and reduction of the number of parts for each piece of equipment. This is why there is a need for a very reliable external 12VDC rack mount power supply.

TR-12VDC series 2U rack mount power supplies are very reliable - MTBF is rated at 150,000 hours. They consist of individual modules that have 12VDC, 8A output. They can be purchased as a single 12VDC power supply with output current up to 32A, N+1 with output current of 24A or dual redundant with output current up to 16A. There are 4 individual MIL output connectors, each output has an individual fuse. Each TR-12VDC power supply is shipped with four 3 foot long 12VDC power cables with MIL connectors.

For example, up to 10 Transduction 1U rack mount TR-570 Intel Core 2 Duo computers can be powered from a single 2U TR-12VDC power supply. Also all TR-LCD series monitors and TR-ITX computers operate from 12VDC.

The input power is universal 90 to 240VAC or 48, 125 and 250VDC.

Metering includes 2.5" analog meters for 12V output and 15A or 30A DC to show output current for a given configuration.

TR-12VDC power supply includes 2 redundant ball bearing Nidec air fans driven by an adaptive fan controller/alarm to lower acoustical noise, prevent large intake of the dust and to extend life of the fans.

Four green, front panel mounted non-obtrusive LED's show status of the 4 rear output fuses located on the rear panel.

TR-12VDC rack mount power supplies are available from stock. Call our Sales Team for price and help with the configuration. Warranty is 5 years.

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