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TR-SABRE 2U Rack Mount Industrial Computer For OEM's with Touch LCD Display

TR-SABRE 2U Rack Mount Industrial Computer For OEM's with Touch LCD Display

TR-SABRE is a reliable rack mount 2U computer that can be supplied with either ISA/PCI or PCI/PCIe backplane expansion slots. It includes 4.3” color LCD display with a touch screen. It is powered by Intel P4, Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad 3.00GHz processor, accommodating up to 4GB memory.

This touch LCD can be easily programmed with custom menus and function keys so that the computer becomes a functional instrument with operating system not accessible by the user. When marketed as a functional instrument, the computer is perceived of higher value as it cannot be compared to general purpose PC. As operating system is “hidden” behind the custom menu screens the user is prevented from changes in the BIOS or O/S.

TR-SABRE computer also has front panel pocket with removable 32GB flash DOM. This can be used as a security feature as the DOM can be easily removed to protect from any tampering. It can also be used as data backup of the internal disk drive.

Power options include 90 to 260VAC - 47 to 440 Hz, 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, 125VDC and 250VDC. It is compatible with Microsoft 32/64 bit operating systems including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 2008.

TR-SABRE is primarily offered to OEM clients who have resources to develop object type display menus for their clients. This computer has proven to be very reliable in many applications including service on navy destroyer ships.

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