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TR-5001 NEMA 4X Panel Mount Computer with LCD Touch Screen

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TR-9070-IR Indoor/Outdoor Infrared LED Tri-Mode Video Camera
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Download TR-9070-IR Specifications

TR-9070-IR is a new and reliable infrared IP camera designed for industrial and office applications.  Featuring a compact obtrusive design, it's enclosed in a waterproof aluminum casing to protect it from rain and snow.  It is equipped with 30 infrared LEDs for viewing images in complete darkness.  The EPTZ feature allows for electronic pan, tilt and zoom to provide accurate up to date images.

TR-9070-IR is capable of capturing and transmitting images up to 720x1280 resolution using M-JPEG or M-PEG4 video compression.  It comes with a 6mm wide angle lens with horizontal 60 angle view for a large viewing area and great image quality.  Input power is 100-250V~0.3A max. 10-20VA, 47-63Hz.  Operating temperature is 5 ~ 50C (44 ~ 122F) with 20 ~ 80% relative humidity.

The camera has a Power Over Ethernet (POE) which enables it to be powered through the network using an Ethernet cable rather than using a power adapter. TR-9070-IR is compatible

TR-9070-IR is compatible with iPhone and Blackberry. The images can be directly accessed live from a smart phone mobile device. The camera can also be setup to email a handheld device whenever specific activity occurs. The images are viewable directly on a personal computer with internet access on an internet browser, i.e. Internet Explorer 8 and Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3. An AVI media player, i.e. VLC Player 0.8.6b, allows for viewing of images on the SD card directly through the internet without requiring downloading the file first. This feature makes it very convenient for live streaming. It is also compatible with HTTP, FTP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, UPnP, RTSP over UDP, RTP, SSL, HTTPS and DNS network protocols.

A live demo of the TR-9070-IR is available for viewing.  Username and password is "guest".

The TR-9070-IR infrared IP camera can be supplied readily from stock.  Please contact the Transduction Sales Team for more information.


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