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2U SPOCK Rack Mount Computer - Rackmount Computer That Is Only 3.5" High

 2U SPOCK Rack Mount Computer

SPOCK, named after the Star Trek character, is a 2U (3.5") high, industrial rack mount computer.

It is offered in 2 versions:

The SPOCK industrial rack mount computer includes PS/2 style 300W or 500W universal AC power supply and 12VDC 24VDC 48VDC 125VDC and 250VDC versions. Dual hot swap universal AC power supply is also available.

Due to the lower height of the chassis, highly optimized air flow has been designed to maximize cooling of the internal components. Removable air filter and adaptive temperature controller minimize intake of the dust.

The SPOCK rack mount computer can accommodate SLIM CD-DVD R/W and 2 front 2.5" drives in removable canisters.

SPOCK chassis is only 17" deep. It has been optimized for MIL use to withstand high levels shock and vibrations. This version accommodates Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon processor boards and PCI-E backplanes for maximum reliability and performance in warfare applications. Operating temperature is 0 ~ 50°C. MIL-COTS versions of a SPOCK computer with high performance Single Host Boards have 5 years warranty.

Readily available from stock.

Download the SPOCK Mechanical Dimensional Drawing

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