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4U Gloria V Rack Mount Computer Has Stronger Air Flow

 4U Gloria V  Rack Mount Computer Has Stronger Air Flow

Gloria-V Specifications and Features

4U high Gloria V rack mount chassis has been designed to accommodate over-sized PICMG 1.3 backplanes and system host boards. It will also accommodate commercial motherboards.

The chassis can be supplied with a single 460W PS/2 style or a dual hot swap 550W ATX+ power supply.

3X front 5.25" drive bays can accommodate a wide range of peripherals such as floppy, CD/DVD, tape, single or dual hot swap hard drives.

Hot air exhaust/cooling is accomplished with three ball bearing 90 CFM air fans on the front, with RPM regulated by adaptive air/temperature controller. Speed of the air fans is proportional to the temperature inside the chassis. This effectively extends life of the fans, reduces intake of dust and cuts down acoustical noise.

Use of the 3X 90 CFM air fans assures strong air flow to eliminate hot spots inside the enclosure. A fully loaded chassis has internal temperature only 4C higher than ambient temperature.

Price of the Gloria V chassis with a single 460W AC power supply is US $499.00

Download the Gloria V Mechanical Dimensional Drawing

Triple Gloria V System Photo Gallery

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