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6U Rack Mount Blade Computer, 6 Intel ITX Motherboards

Blade Runner Solid State 6U Rack Mount Computer

Model TR-BR6 is a telecom grade computer that is based on the latest technologies to offer high reliability and performance. Packaged in a sturdy 6U rack mount chassis, this computer is only 13” deep to fit telecom relay racks. The chassis provides room for 6 individual computer blades and two removable power supply modules.

Removable “blades” include industrial ITX motherboards with Intel Core i-series processors. Disk drives are MLC or SLC flash or super-fast NVMe NAND type drives.

Single or dual redundant power supplies offer reliable power for up to 400W. This amount of power is available for up to 6 computer modules. Power options include universal AC, 24VDC, 48VDC, 125VDC, 250VDC.

4 ball bearing air fans are mounted on the rear of the chassis. Speed of the air fans is controlled by the thermistor that senses temperature of the internal air. This lowers acoustical noise of the air fans, provides for the longer life and reduces intake of dust. There is provision for optional hot swap of the individual air fans.

The individual blade modules do not have unreliable air fans on the processors. Highly efficient passive heat-sinks are used to increase reliability. All blade motherboards include only ceramic capacitors. Variety of ITX motherboards are offered to be mounted in the blades, to match different applications.

The TR-BR6 computer has been designed to meet requirements of the electrical safety approval (ESA) and it meets EMI standard of FCC Class B. It will withstand triaxial seismic test of 15G on a typical OBE curve.

Typical TR-BR6 computer delivery time is 4 weeks. Warranty is 5 years with technical support for life.


Contact Transduction for detailed specifications and assistance with custom configuration of this system.

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