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1000W BERTA TR-1000M Rack Mount - Industrial Computer

berta 1000w
berta 1000

Many medical, military, computer telephony clients who use high speed DSP based cards need more power for PCI slots. Berta TR-1000M rack mount industrial computer offers 1000W of power with up to 105A available on 5VDC and 100A from 3.3VDC section.

TR-1000M rack mount industrial computer can be supplied with 6, 12 and 16 PCI 32 or 64 bit backplane slots. The Single Board Computer options range from the economical 233Mhz P5 board to dual Xeon running at 3.06Ghz.

TR-1000M rack mount industrial computer has following regulatory approvals: CSA, UL, FCC and CE.

Available for delivery in one week ARO. Call 1-800-268-0427 9-18 EST for complete set of specifications.

Download the Berta 1000 Mechanical Dimensional Drawing

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