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TR-LCD1900-M 19" Reliable Marine LCD Monitor with Potentiometer Adjustable Dimmer

TR-LCD1900-M 19 Marine LCD Monitor

This reliable LCD monitor comes with a dimmer and 5-year warranty. Transduction already has hundreds of computers and monitors working on the ships for many years now.

The potentiometer adjustable dimmer allows for smooth adjustment of display from almost zero brightness to maximum. This is a very useful feature for reading maps, etc. when it is dark during the nights. Dimming feature also extends useful life of the monitor backlight.

Durable resistive touch screen allows for access without the keyboard or mouse.

The front panel has NEMA 4 environmental ratings - it is water (hose) proof. It can be safely mounted on the panels with neoprene gasket. See enclosed manual for the panel cut-out and physical dimensions.

Power options include 120VAC and 24, 48, 125 and 250 VDC.

This monitor is compliant with all requirements of safety for marine use but the only formal approval is electrical safety for the 120VAC version by CSA/UL, that is required by law.

The monitor has very low electromagnetic emissions. It does not interfere with sensitive radio and radar equipment.

Avaliable from stock at US $1440.


Download TR-LCD1900 Specifications

TR-LCD1900-PM Panel Cutout PDF Drawing

TR-LCD1900-PM Panel Cutout AUTOCAD 14.dwg Drawing

Download TR-LCD1900 User's Manual

Download USB Touch Screen Driver for Windows 10, 8, 7, 2K, XP and VISTA

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