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TR-SLE Single Board Computer

 TR-SLE Single Board Computer

Featuring dual Intel Pentium III processors and sophisticated SMP for multi-threading applications and enhanced throughput, the TR-SLE handles your current needs and tough applications. The TR-SLE Single Board Computer also features SDRAM memory, giving you a cost-effective, proven technology.

Providing you with even more options, the TR-SLE has dual Ethernet interfaces and Ultra3 SCSI. In addition, the TR-SLE supports a 133MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) and a 64-bit/66MHz PCI Local Bus. With all of these features on board, you have more available slots to handle today's requirements and build for the future.

Designed and engineered to strict, dependable standards, the TR-SLE Single Board Computer provides top performance for rugged applications. With commitment to quality, excellent customer service and long-term support, you can design with confidence.

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