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TR-RAID Disk Storage Subsystem For GLORIA, BERTA or Any Rack Mount Industrial Computer Server

TR-RAID Disk Storage Subsystem For GLORIA, BERTA or Any Rack Mount Industrial Computer Server

Designed to meet tough UL/CSA/TUV, FCC and EMI specifications. CE compliant.

Most Reliable Industrial PC Disk Storage Subsystem For 19 Inch Rack Mount

  • Up to eight 5.25-inch or 3.5-inch half height drives fixed or removable mounted in vertical position. Maximum disk storage capacity 7 x 73GB = 511GB
  • Choice of Seagate SCSI drives: 36GB or 73GB SCSI
  • Optional RAID 1 or 5 PCI disk controller with cache up to 64MB or chassis mounted SCSI controller for up to 35 individual drives
  • Provision for 4 industry standard external SCSI cable connectors
  • Optional hot swappable SCSI removable metal canisters for 3.5-inch drives
  • Black baked epoxy powder painted front panel 7" (4U) high with 8 removable filler plates
  • Front filler plates separated by 1/16" to provide air flow between the drives
  • High pressure air flow front to back with 2 high efficiency 43CFM air fans. All air fans including power supplies have ball bearing for longer MTBF
  • Provision for two internal PS2 style power supplies
  • Choice of PS2 style 110/220V AC power supplies: 300W single, 250W dual redundant or 400W single with separately regulated 5V and 12V sections
  • Optional PS2 style 250W DC power supplies: 24VDC or 48VDC
  • Cable clamp to secure HP style power cord connector to prevent accidental removal when pulling chassis out of the rack
  • Chassis has provision for DB9 connector to communicate with the external RAID controller and mounting for the optional internal battery for data back-up in the cache
  • High quality rack mount design with excellent EMI characteristics. Yellow zinc plated chassis made of cold rolled steel. Only 17-inch deep for easy fit in 24-inch telecom cabinets
  • Mounting holes for industry standard 24-inch or 30-inch long chassis slides
  • Chassis designed for easy access with only one Phillips screwdriver. Precision made by our own CAD-CAM high volume AMADA robotics shop
  • 2 years parts and labour warranty

Protect Data, Add Raid Disk Storage Subsystem To Any SCSI Server

TR-RAID rack mount industrial computer chassis offers an economical, yet most reliable means of protecting your database in case of disk drive failure. Our Redundant ARRAY of Inexpensive/Independent Disks (RAID) offers great flexibility in configurations to meet your needs for data storage. You can start with 2 drives and expand your system up to 35 drives.

TR-RAID rack mount industrial computer chassis will attach to any SCSI-II controller on the existing server and it is independent of the operating system. In other words it will work just as well with a PC as with SUN workstation.

For rack mount PC servers we offer internal or external SCSI controllers with up to 64MB of cache, which improves the speed of the file intensive servers up to 40%.

In summary, the RAID disk subsystem protects data by writing it on many drives at once, extends storage capacity so you can grow your database in small increments and can provide significant improvement of system performance with cache on the disk controller.

As some computer installations store data worth millions of dollars, RAID disk subsystem is a MUST.

General specifications:

Chassis dimensions HWD: 7" (4U), 17", 17"

Shipping carton HWD: 11.25, 23.12, 30.25" (350# with foam inserts)

Shipping weight without drives: 30 lbs.

Ordering information:

TR-RAID disk storage subsystem chassis with a single PS2 400W 110/220V AC power supply with independent 5V@36A and 12V@17A (27A peak) recommended for high capacity drives. HP style power cord included.

TR-RAID disk subsystem rack mount industrial computer chassis with a dual redundant 2X250W 110/220V AC power supply recommended for fault tolerant systems. 5V@23A, 12V@9A (10A peak). Two power supplies can be installed in a chassis to provide additional current from 12VDC to spin-up high capacity drives.

Removable SCSI carrier and 3.5-inch drive canister

SCSI 36GB or 73GB 10,000 RPM disk drives

RAID 1 & 5 PCI internal disk controller with 32MB or 64MB cache for up to 7 SCSI drives

RAID 1 & 5 external disk controller with 32MB or 64MB cache for up to 35 SCSI drives with optional cache battery b/u

TR-RAID Disk Storage Subsystem For GLORIA, BERTA or Any Rack Mount Industrial Computer Server

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