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TR-SPOCK-GEN9 2U Industria Computer with Intel 9th Generation i5/i7 Processor

Intel Gen 9 2U Rack Mount Computer

Over 40 years of experience helps to design fine industrial computer. TR-SPOCK-GEN9 computer offers excellent performance and longevity to serve industrial plants until the year 2034. Even few years longer as Transduction inventory goes beyond production dates of Intel Corp. This computer is based on the solid Q370 chipset that supports 9th generation 6-core i5, 8-core i7 and Xeon processors. This is plenty of power for industrial applications and video processing as well.

TR-SPOCK-GEN9 offers high reliability as it uses only field proven parts. MTBF is in excess of 50,000 hours, which is over 10, 24/7 years. This is important for industrial clients where cost of failure is much higher than cost of the computer. Cost of ownership rapidly increases when computer unexpectedly fails.

TR-SPOCK-GEN9 computer in manufactured in our Mississauga plant in Canada to the ISO 9001:2015 QA standard. US nuclear QA procedures can be implemented at higher prices and are available on request.

TR-SPOCK-GEN9 computer comes with 3 years warranty and technical support for life. The warranty is supported long term by inventory of parts.


Download TR-SPOCK-GEN9 Specifications

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