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Industrial USB Keypad/Touchpad Data Entry Device TR-KT-USB-PM

Industrial USB Keypad/Touchpad Data Entry Device

This panel mount keypad/touchpad has been designed for industrial applications where moisture and dust are present. It is spill proof and it has NEMA 4X environmental ratings. Very reliable design with MTBF in excess of 10 years. This keypad has durable silicon rubber with “dura-coat” protection. It features carbon-on-gold switch technology with long stroke (1.5 mm) with extremely good tactile feeling.

The touchpad is fully sealed and when panel mounted the entire keypad is hose spray proof. NVIS compliant adjustable backlight on the keys is optional. It is useful for the data entry during night time on the ships, moving vehicles and air crafts.


Download TR-KT-USB-PM Specifications

Download TR-KT-USB-PM Mechanical Drawing

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