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TR-5001 NEMA 4X Panel Mount Computer with LCD Touch Screen

15", 19" and 20.1" LCD Monitors with resistive touch option

1000VA DC to AC sinewave inverter with AC/DC UPS switch

Model TR-FC8 is a disk storage subsystem computer chassis with capacity of up to 576GB in a single 7-inch 4U high rack mount chassis. Fully compatible with the new fibre channel protocol this unit offers 120 MB/s data transfer rates, which is 3 times faster than comparable UW-SCSI design or 50% faster than SCSI-2 bus with LVD drives. Also, the cost of the FC chassis with 8 hot swap disk canisters is lower than comparable SCSI enclosures.

TR-FC8 rack mount chassis includes single or dual hot swap power supply, fibre channel loop backplane for hot swap canisters and room to accommodate 8X9GB or 8X18GB or 8X36GB or 8X72GB fibre channel type drives. The fibre channel loop backplane has been designed for maximum throughput of data, which demands 1.026Ghz. The intelligent chassis features (SES) such as remote TCPIP monitoring of the air fans, internal computer chassis temperature, power supply voltages, etc. are available on the optional, field up-gradeable card.

TR-FC8 data storage computer chassis can be supplied with or without the 9GB or 18GB or 36GB or 72GB fibre channel drives. Available PC controller options include single type or RAID 1 trough 10 PCI adapters with cache buffer capability. Features of RAID 5 operation include N+1 hot spare and on-line RAID re-build and storage expansion with additional disk drives, without the necessity to re-boot the system.

A complete 5,776GB mass storage subsystem can be supplied in a single 72" high rack mount cabinet. This system can be accessed from one or two servers for fault tolerant auto (IP) fail-over applications.

For the 64-bit PCI RAID Controller click here.

Fully compatible with all Windows & Linux systems.

The TR-FC8 includes electrical safety approvals: CSA, UL, TUV and international EMI approvals related to CE and FCC standards.

Price of the TR-FC8 industrial computer chassis with 8 hot swap disk canisters is US $1785 or $1250 OEM. Available from stock.

TR-FC8 Installation and User's Guide

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