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     May 28, 2014





The new TR-GRYPHON industrial military grade computer comes with the latest Intel Generation 5 i5/i7 quad core processors up to 3.4GHz.  The system is based on the Broadwell Series 9 Z97 chipset that supports Intel Boot Guard to protect the computer from malware attacks and it features new Intel Response and Rapid Start technologies with Dynamic Cache sharing.

MIL Standard components have been used on the motherboard and the entire system was stress tested for thermal shock, mechanical shock and vibration.


The TR-GRYPHON computer can be customized with options depending on customer requirements.  Options include: Intel i5 or i7 quad core processor, up to 32GB DDR3 memory, dual and quad head video adapter, up to 2TB server-class hard drive, up to MLC or SLC 128GB flash drive, RAID1, CD-DVD-R/W, dual hot swap powers supply, DC input power and Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 O/S.


Standard system comes with 90 - 260VAC input power with optional 24, 48, 125 and 250VDC.

As only the highest quality components are used in the TR-GRYPHON computer, it comes with 5 years warranty and telephone support for life.


Price of the basic system is only $950 for version with 300W universal AC power supply.



Please call 1-800-268-0427 between 09:00 and 18:00 EST for additional information and sales assistance!


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Transduction is an established manufacturer (1975) of reliable industrial rack mount and panel mount computers, LCD monitors, digital video walls and systems for power utilities, process control, military and telecommunications. We offer rapid prototype development and manufacturing services.  Production and service records of each computer or system are kept to assure maximum reliability and support. All Transduction products have a warranty of 3 years but they are designed for maximum longevity to minimize cost of service.

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