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     August 25, 2014





Transduction introduces the new 19” LCD advertising display, TR-LCD1900-DISPLAY, specifically designed for audio visual communications in advertising and messaging.


It includes high quality WIDE 16:9 LCD with contrast ratio 1000:1 and wide viewing angle. It can display brilliant colors of pictures and video with sound.


Very easy to operate with remote control - the images and videos can be prerecorded on the computer and transferred to the TR-LCD1900-DISPLAY on CF card or USB stick.


It can be easily mounted on a standard 100X100 ing in the window of a store.


Applications include use as a bulletin board, promotion of items for sale in store window, promotion of special dishes in restaurant window and promotion of various parts for sale in the specialty stores.


Attractively priced at $445, this advertising display comes with 3 years warranty. It is readily available from stock.



Please call 1-800-268-0427 between 09:00 and 18:00 EST for additional information and sales assistance!


Transduction Team




Transduction is an established manufacturer (1975) of reliable industrial rack mount and panel mount computers, LCD monitors, digital video walls and systems for power utilities, process control, military and telecommunications. We offer rapid prototype development and manufacturing services. Production and service records of each computer or system are kept to assure maximum reliability and support. All Transduction products have a warranty of 3 years but they are designed for maximum longevity to minimize cost of service.

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